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About us

 Kadosh Youth Ministry is focused on helping our youth face real issues in a real-world with the overcoming victory that Jesus promised.  With this focus, we are showing and teaching the youth how to build an authentic relationship with Jesus Christ; by knowing, experiencing, studying, and sharing God with their world. 






Kadosh was launched in 2022 with the goal of separating, consecrating, and elevating the young generation unto and for God. Kadosh is led by young adults on fire for the Lord. We desire to see a Spiritual Awakening in the lives of our Youth. 

Separated from the world and our flesh. Become Consecrated unto God. Elevated in the wisdom, knowledge, and love of the Father.  

that's our Goal!

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our adult staff:

Pastor Grass.jpeg
Natacha Byrams

Senior Pastor of Zions Gates Ministry

Dr. Thamara Barthelus

Youth Mentor, Children's Ministry Director

Meski Abebe

Kadosh Youth Mentor

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